Mujeres Adelante

UNIDOS Against Domestic Violence’s Support Group and Mujeres Adelante (Women Moving Forward)


For the last five years, UNIDOS has conducted a support group for Latino victims of domestic violence in Dane County, Wisconsin. This group started in late 2005 with a few participants. In 2006, owing to the hard work of UNIDOS’ staff and the women’s group participants, a separate leadership group was formed and those women in the growing support group who were ready to take on a leadership role in the community joined this leadership group. In 2006, the leadership group was named “Mujeres Adelante (Women Moving Forward).” By te end of 2011, there were a collective total of 47 participants in the support group and leadership group. The growth is notable and admirable.

The two groups are organized as follow:

  • The support group is a group of individuals with similar problems, needs, or experience who meet to discuss how to better cope with their situations. The support group is aimed to decrease its members’ sense of isolation, provide emotional support, and encourage healthy coping strategies to deal with stressful life events such as domestic violence and sexual assault. By sharing their stories and feelings, grop members learn that they are not alone and help one another to overcome feelings of frustration, loneliness, and despair. Participants do not receive any kind of judgment, and the information shared within the group is considerate confidential. Individuals will also receive positive feedback from other group members.
  • “Mujeres Adelante Leadership Group” is a group of individuals with similar intentions, needs, goals and purposes who organize and create an educational environment within the organization. This leadership group supports the members of our support group, community members and other service providers. These leaders organize an annual leadership conference for domestic violence awareness and attend many local and national educational events and share this information with the local community. Some of their activities include, but are not limited to:
    • Family Training at public and private schools
    • Family Training in other locations, whre the group might be invited
    • Presentations accompanied by UNIDOS’ staff
    • Leadership activities within our community
    • Awareness activities within our community
    • Annual leadership conference
    • Attending “Mujeres Adelante” Committee in representation
    • Meeting regularly for planning and organizing activities
    • Raising money for their expenses, such as the conference and child care
    • Representing UNIDOS in the community
    • Supporting and guiding support group participants


For more information regarding our support groups or leadership group activities, please contact our Bilingual Advocate at 1.800.510.9195.